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Delcatik: he Project A.R.M.E. (Artificial Resonance Manipulation Experimentation) is a sinister endeavor conceived by a malevolent cult bent on harnessing the destructive power of Soul Edge, the infamous evil sword, through human experimentation. In their pursuit of ultimate power, the cult seeks to create a vessel capable of channeling and controlling the chaotic energies of Soul Edge, thereby wielding its destructive force as a tool of domination.

At the heart of Project A.R.M.E. lies the manipulation and augmentation of the human form. The cult subjects young women to a series of cruel and inhumane experiments, pushing the boundaries of science and morality in their quest for power. Through dark rituals and forbidden techniques, they seek to unlock the latent potential within these individuals, transforming them into vessels capable of containing the malevolent essence of Soul Edge.

The process is fraught with peril, both physical and psychological, as the subjects undergo drastic physiological alterations to accommodate the power they are meant to wield. Their bodies are infused with dark energies, their minds twisted and corrupted by the influence of Soul Edge's malevolent aura. Yet, despite the agony and torment they endure, the cult shows no mercy, viewing their subjects as little more than tools to be used and discarded in the pursuit of their dark ambitions.

Once the transformation is complete, the resulting beings, known as A.R.M.E. operatives, possess formidable abilities granted by their symbiotic connection to Soul Edge. They become living weapons, capable of unleashing devastating attacks with but a thought, their very presence instilling fear and awe in those who dare to oppose them.

However, beneath the facade of power lies a tragic truth. The A.R.M.E. operatives are but pawns in the cult's grand scheme, their humanity sacrificed in service to a greater evil. Trapped between their own desires and the will of Soul Edge, they struggle to maintain control over their increasingly unstable minds and bodies, their existence a testament to the cruelty and folly of those who would seek to wield power beyond their comprehension.