Thatotherguy23: It's the version of Dio from the very end of Part... >>>
Thatotherguy23: Use with blood splash mod for max effect >>>
Thatotherguy23: Took a break for Halloween but now im back. >>>
Thatotherguy23: Beat me to the punch on this one lol >>>
Thatotherguy23: It's her XIII-2 design in case your wondering. >>>
Thatotherguy23: Fixed image size. Would've also done something... >>>
Thatotherguy23: Reuploaded to correct image Plus decided to give... >>>
Thatotherguy23: Reupload to correct image size >>>
Thatotherguy23: Reuploaded to fix image size >>>
Thatotherguy23: EDIT: So the image size might be the problem? in... >>>
Thatotherguy23: Did you install this one correctly? Didn't... >>>
Thatotherguy23: Strange. Didnt do anything to this one that should... >>>
Thatotherguy23: @CrispX Strange. It's fine on my end. Unless... >>>
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